Was Jesus on Yucatan?

2014 / 5.05.2024


Why on earth is the Aztec deity XOLOTL carrying a cross on a predefined path?

xolotl, aztekische gottheit
Take a look at this picture.
Xolotl carries a heavy cross on a predefined path.

Xolotl was the son of the virgin Coatlicue (Chímalmá).

Is it a coincidence that Jesus is also the son of a virgin?

Xolotl was the brother of Quetzalcoatls (Cezalcuati) also called Cuculcán.

The rest of the many unanswered questions can be found in my book.

Were Kukulkan and Jesus the same person?

Diego de Landa, Catholic bishop and mass murderer, may have recognized the right thing, because nobody knows where the holy family took their child to safety from King Herod. One thing is certain, he was hidden quite well, because to this day there are only credible to very unbelievable theories about it.

Was Jesus on Yucatan in Mexico?

Was the Mayan deity Cuculcán Jesus Christ?

(Cuculcán is the same divinity that the Aztecs called Quetzalcoatls (Cezalcuati).)
Of course not, the religious will say. But as a Christian, you have to be close to the truth and be allowed to deal with such questions.

Today I am even of the opinion that the mass murderer Bishop Diego de Landa knew very well what he was doing when he destroyed the Mayan religion and the Aztec culture from the bottom up and had thousands of Mayan priests executed. What could have been should not have been. Bishop de Landa also seems to have asked himself profound questions.

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Was Jesus on Mexico?
Was the Mayan deity "Kukulkan" Jesus Christ?