The extinction of the dinosaurs due to the impact of a meteorite
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Feb. 9, 2013 / Dec. 11, 2022

The DNA supplier?

the DNA supplier
An ironic image of the legendary meteorite

Dear readers. There are theories that are presented by our scientists credibly enough and there are theories that have not been thought through to the end. One of them is the extinction of the dinosaurs by a meteorite. I have great doubts about this, which I would like to present here.

As is already known today and generally undisputed, there was a sudden extinction of the dinosaurs. This sudden extinction gives enough material for different theories. One of them is the extinction of the dinos by meteorite impact. That however here a rough consideration mistake is present, I would like to point out in the following.

Timeline according to current knowledge of extinction and regeneration of animals, based on bone finds:

Emergence of the hedgehogs:
Presence of the dinosaurs: 240 - 65 million years before our time, extinct after that.
65 million years before our time
Emergence of the elephants: 60 million years before our time
Emergence of the horses: 60 - 50 million years before our time
Emergence of the wolves: 50 million years before our time
Emergence of the whales: 50 million years before our time

Now let's have a look at the chronological sequence and as a basis of our considerations we start from the assumption of the meteorite impact.

  1. 70 million years ago, our dinosaurs were still alive. But not real mammals.
  2. Now 65 million years ago a meteorite falls from the sky and is supposed to have killed all our dinos.
  3. And "poof", 65 million years ago, our modern mammals begin to appear. The hedgehog as a prototype of modern mammals.

Looking at the above sequence of events, one is struck by the fact that our present-day mammals are supposed to have appeared out of nowhere. As if said meteorite had brought a load of new DNA on earth.
With it, however, we leave the objective, rational thinking and move in the fairy tale world of the pseudo sciences and the irrational "Intelligent Design" which skips whole evolutionary steps.

Rather I can follow the theory that the newly developed mammals should have wiped out the old life forms. So, as Darwin teaches us, they have prevailed after the "right of the stronger" and have given so the evolution a new thrust.

zeitlicher ablauf des dinosterben
Possible course of the actual evolution

According to the above sequence (without meteorites), the first mammals have emerged about 75 to 70 million years before our time. They then clearly prevailed in terms of intelligence - and through their better mobility - and wiped out the dinos.