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2022.01.23 / 4.04.2022

Who are we

Pierluigi "Piero" Peruzzi

I was born in Liguria on:

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Piero Peruzzi
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Piero Peruzzi

My hobby is alternative archaeology and astro-archaeology, as well as alternative history.

SEPTES and UFOs don't interest me. Even the names of important people of old and modern history don't interest me at all. Because they are the very ones, the old kings, despots, dictators and revolutionaries who have slaughtered good people. Besides, it is not the kings and prelates who develop a culture, but the human persons who live in it.

The thing that interests me the most is the real and actual history, without some mysteries and no UFOs or childish religious interpretations of a God traveling on a chariot of fire. All of this I consider to be fanciful thoughts of desire. Desire in a higher justice, which cannot even exist, because it would stop the evolution.

Among paleosetians scholars, I consider myself a skeptical realist. Logic, mathematics, and physics are prioritized in my thinking. I also follow a road-map: "Everything must be logical."

In life I have found that logic is almost 99% the basis of all reality. This means that between theory and practice there is always logic in the middle. What is not realistic or logical only has a place in the human imagination.

What seems logical to me is the existence of a CREATOR in the backstage of the universe. Roughly as Albert Einstein described it. But certainly not the Old Testament Lord flying around in a chemically propelled "chariot of fire".

My personal reflections on fantasy and "own wishes"

For example, time travel and the movie Tron Legacy are excellent products of human fantasy, beyond all logic and are to be considered absolutely impossible in our real life. Worse still is when some humans think the Tron Legacy movie can be implemented in the future.

Sometimes I think that part of humanity sees the "Matrix" as reality. But the reality is something else and we are all subject to the law of the strongest. Anyone who does not want to observe this law will be a loser, because justice is a beautiful tale that our religious leads and politicians tell us every day.